Jamaluddin, a government primary school, is the second primary school opened in Male’, the capital of Maldives. The school is named after the famous religious scholar Mohamed Jamaluddin, better known as Vaadhoo Dhanna Kaleyfaanu. The school was inaugurated on 16th of February 1985 by the former President of Maldives, His Excellency Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom who laid the foundation of the building on 11th November 1979.

1985 – the School had begun with about 857 students and with a staff of about 33 teachers including the Principal, Senior Assistant Principal and a Supervisor. There was only one session then, with grades one and two and a class for Physically Handicapped Children.

1986 – Grade 3 was introduced and the school had three working sessions.

1987  we had grades one to four with three working sessions. We then had 1900 students and staff of 67 teachers.

1990 – the name of the school was changed from Jamaluddin Primary School to Jamaluddin School. The School Badge too changed from JPS to JS, but ‘Blue’ still remained the school colour. In the same year the grade 5 classes were begun.Working sessions were changed to two sessions with longer working hours.

1991 – the four Houses, Burakirani (Red), Koimala (Violet), Siththimava (Gold) and Thukkala (Green) were formed. All the students and teachers were divided into these houses.

1997 –  we received the President’s Environmental Award.

1998 – Jamaluddin School took another step forward by being the first primary School to have grade 6 classes.

16th February 1999 – We had our first Prize Day.

6th February 2000 – Jamaluddin was blessed to shift to a new building with modern facilities. The foundation of the new building was laid on 10th October 1996 by the former Education Minister Dr. Mohamed Latheef.

2000 – Computer was introduced as a subject in the year 2000.

2004 – The name of the Special Class was changed to Class for Hearing Impaired Children (CHIC) in the year 2004, because it was decided that we would concentrate on students with hearing difficulties.

2008 –  school motto was changed from “Wisdom is Knowledge” to “Knowledge is Wisdom”. Same year with the help of our parents Audio Visual room was upgraded with a Smart Board.

2009 – We started 2009 with the introduction of grade 8 for CHIC class. This has been a major achievement for us as now the students in this class can continue their secondary education at their pace in this school.

25th October 2009 – the first ever Maldivian Sign Language Dictionary prepared by Jamaluddin School funded with Handicap International was launched by former president, His Excellency President Mohamed Nasheed.

2011 – Secondary grades were started and grade 8 was introduced.

Jamaluddin school song “Ilmeehiya” lyrics was composed by Mr. Ismail Wajeeh, Assistant Principal of Jamaluddin School and the music was composed by Mr. Shammoon Hameed.

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